Zoho CRM integration with CTI

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We are happy to inform you that Zoho CRM integration with CTI is ready for the private beta testing.

In this release, we are mainly supporting the following PBX solutions:

* Asterisk 1.4
* TrixBox 2.6
* Elastix 1.6

Key Features

* Dial from Zoho CRM: By clicking on the phone number field in Lead or Contact view, phone call will be automatically triggered to the corresponding Lead or Contact.
* Call pop-up: When CRM user receives a phone call to his/her telephone extension (incoming call), pop-up window with the corresponding Lead or Contact details will be displayed. In addition, when Zoho CRM user make a phone call (outgoing call) to the lead or contact from his/her extension, the corresponding lead or contact page is popped up.
* Log a call: On each call pop-up window, "Log the call" link will be provided. By clicking that link, CRM user can start recording the call using Call module in CRM.

So, if you are using any one of the above PBX, and if you are interested in private beta testing of this feature then please let us know.

We will enable private beta testing for your Zoho CRM account and will send you the installation procedure for this integration.