Customer Relationship Management – CRM

Zoho CRM marketed in Israel by Holistik CRM enables companies of all sizes have access to safe and powerful solution available for customer relationship management SAAS technology.
Zoho platform is a classic application consumed on-demand service, which brings full control over application development and deployment solution. This can Zoho create custom web applications and deliver them quickly, while overcoming many of the difficulties that are usually for those who try to deliver such a solution independently hosting solution for expensive servers, maintenance and backup servers, database management and more. Here are some benefits of using Cloud Computing at business users:

Project execution speed – Time To market
Minimizing risks – no preliminary investment required high
Centralized management of information
Improved Productivity
Access to information from anywhere, anytime – enhancing cooperation in managing business processes
Harmonized secure access to the organization’s specific needs.
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Huge savings in resources, equipment, and personnel ..
Sales Management – CRM

Sales Automation Solution Zoho CRM (Zoho CRM SFA) has advanced features and capabilities, such as analytical reports, backlog management modules and opportunity management and sales forecast consumption solution handheld devices and smart von types. Sales management tool allows sales people have been identified to monitor their activities, to words, tasks and appointments with transparency and full synchronization with GOOGLE APPS OUTLOOK or ZOHO MAIL or package. You can also see real-time information with regard to accounts, contacts and opportunities and analyze the information underlying each of them.
Senior managers need accurate information so they can evaluate the Company’s performance in the past, present, and while looking forward to the future. The solution enables sales managers a clear picture of the expected sales of their sales teams (visibility) while providing the ability to respond pro-actively when actual sales deviate from the original forecast.
You can keep track of a large number of sales \ opportunities, without losing any customers during the work, what happens to many organizations, there are a number of transactions simultaneously, it is possible to know for each transaction which stage the deal is (DEAL FLOW) and how much time can be defined step transaction it will take a certain time, and after passing the specified time salesperson receives a message from the CRM that he was in a transitional phase time limit.

Service & Support – CRM

Field service and support ZOHO CRM provides a holistic solution for managing the entire lifecycle of customer service, from logging service calls to offer solutions through multiple channels, including self-service via the Internet and \ or endorsement to a person
Real Customer Relationship Management is the complete management of customer conservation and management, so customer service is just as important as customer Bargnn way of life. It is important to remember that much more expensive to retain a customer than to organize an existing customer
The application integrates with sales service, each representative can easily access all relevant customer information and provide the highest level of service. When every point of contact with the customer nutritious uniform picture his- result is satisfied customers, loyal and more profitable. Recently ZOHO CRM SUPPORT out with new software interfaces with the CRM.
Marketing – CRM

In marketing allows the solution lifecycle tracking of all marketing – from campaign to closing transactions and analyze the reasons for failure and success and the ability to automatically convert automatically leads the company’s Web site.
Analytical field, users get tools to create a friendly and intuitive reports and dashboards that provide business insights. All this is in addition to over 25 standard reports and charts financial packages to the many graphs that come with the system.
Create reports and dashboards possible in full compliance of all modules including an option to print reports, cross-referencing of data between the various models (cross-linking), calculations and formulas on data, layout data in different ways (eg table Pivot), and the timing of the desecration of the reports and their delivery also others that did not Zoho CRM users through email.

Dashboards provide real-time snapshot of the organization’s key metrics. The use of dashboards allows easily view comparisons, patterns and trends in sales, marketing, support, and information on the full.
Dashboard Zoho CRM solution including various kinds of diagrams two-and three-dimensional (2D / 3D), which are created dynamically Macromedia’s Flash technology.

In conclusion Zoho CRM solution is a powerful tool in managing customer relationships ideally suited to small businesses Binoniim- due to strong functionality and extensive and due to extremely cheap pricing. Zoho CRM system based entirely on Software As A Service- SAAS – a solution that allows access to advanced CRM, using the Internet only: Do not consumed in buying equipment, software or networking, organization and allocation of long development process. With Zoho CRM system, companies of all sizes can gain access to advanced CRM solutions to corporate level.

Practical Application – Zoho CRM

Now that we know a bit more about the solution, where we take the sales and marketing process of a sample, and check how ZOHO CRM integration solution with a Web site can help the company achieve increased productivity in sales, and therefore profits.

Increasing Website Traffic With SEO and PPC Campaigns

Your company has decided to run a campaign pay-per-click (Pay Per Click – PPC) through a number of well-researched keywords that reflect your business. Many businesses focus solely on primary goal of PPC campaign which is boosting traffic to their Web site, without giving much thought to what to do with the growing number of visitors. Without proper infrastructure that will measure leads captured (capture) and leads converted (conversion), the sales campaign PPC or SEO can make spending without consequence.

Intelligent routing of the lead site

After clicking on the banner of your PPC, potential customers will come to your site. A well-designed site / page well-designed products – to focus the visitor’s attention goods / services hoping your contact. The problem is: how to coordinate these halides and deliver them effectively sales team?
Imagine someone who invests his time and turn to you. Using at ZOHO CRM, website visitors are interested in filling a form for logging automatically inserted directly into your CRM and the contents emailed sells the advertised product or service.
Additionally, workflow rules (Work Flow) enables automatic registration of each next according to a number of criteria: the region, the level of interest in the product, location and so on. This means that the right sales rep gets the halide based on information entered by the prospect. In order to improve the tracking of sales process, you can create automated follow-up tasks for salespeople so they really stuck Lied from day one and no opportunity is not lost.
With Zoho CRM, these tasks can be synced with Outlook so that the salesman can track and classify halide as quickly as possible.
The end result is a simple and very effective to increase the number of applications and reducing the time required to put them into the CRM. For your sales team means that there are now more free time that can be exploited for the purpose of sales.

Web Form Design

A few words of warning: This may seem obvious, but your registration form should not be too many required fields. Too much information request form you risk that the caller is leaving abandon the site and go to your competitors’ sites. Too few fields, and you’re wasting time sales people who have to spend their time collecting relevant information is missing.
In short, should ensure that the necessary information will form .: contact name, contact details, etc., plus information that will allow a sales representative to assess the main interest: interest in the product, project type, etc. This will help him to create a high-level proposal as soon as possible.

Measuring return on investment – ROI, marketing through the internet of leads and converting leads

Next, how you can improve your return on investment related to your marketing campaigns? Basically you need to test and measure conversions, which are not necessarily sales. Think for a moment about your sales cycle. At the end of sales cycle has won, Sale! There are way different stages, for example: prospecting, qualification, needs analysis, and so on.
Other types of conversions can be filled when addressing your sales form, or may be, the classification stage, he has been removed, purchase form, your site concerning products and services.
There are many applications to analyze your conversion according to the segmentation (file) of a variety of data sources, eg geographic, demographic, and so on. For example – Google Analytics, usually applied during construction of the site and give this information for free.
Using Pay solutions ZOHO can continue to analyze the ROI of your campaigns your marketing by providing reports and charts the journeys sales, identify, by campaign, which leads converted since the step of contacting stage classification, classification to step needs analysis, and along the way up to win!